Trilingua Projects

Trilingua Projects

All groups have a side project of learning about children in different countries who also speak either english or french. The children get to compare how the children live, what they eat, how their preschool looks and many other intresting comparisons with the different cultures, vocabulary, climate and festivities and a lot more!


Childled side projects;


Polarbears: Our group are learning about the planets, astronauts and the universe.

Whales: We are talking a lot about friendship and differenses and similarities between us.

White Dolphins: We are having fun with water, doing fun experiments and experiencing water in different forms.

Blue Dolphins: We are working on our senses; focusing on smell, sound, sight, touch and taste.

Green Turtles: Our focus is learning about different emotions.

Blue Turtles: We are looking at different animals, especially farm- and houseanimals. We will learn about animals in different countries soon too.

Penguins: We are learning about children who speak french but live in Canada. We have contact with a group of children in Canada and have written a letter to them and also sent them a video. Now we are waiting to recieve a letter and a video back!

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