Systematic quality work

We work hard with having a good and continuous quality work. We are developing our work with pedagogical documentation as a tool of following, evaluating and developing our activities and how the preschool caters for children’s’ opportunities to develop and learn in accordance with the curriculums’ goals and intentions. We regularly evaluate and revise our internal goal-documents. The Principal is responsible for result compilation, analysis and preparation of developmental measures.

The management participates in the systematic quality work

– Weekly Meetings

– Principal and owner; evaluation, development, and monthly summary

– Parent’s council

– Leading pedagogical forums and development meetings with preschool teachers

– Analyse the Quality evaluation and make an action plan

-Continuously keep updated with departmental teaching and plans.


The children participate in the systematic quality work

– Interviews

– Preschool council

– Focus Meetings (Quality and focus discussions in small groups)

– The department’s newsletter

– Content of the newsletters

– Pedagogical documentation; taking and choosing pictures, comments and works to assemble.


Parents participate in the systematic quality work

– Parent’s Council

– Surveys

– Development talks

– Parent-teacher Meetings

– Daily communication

– E-mail and other communications with the management or educators

– Work Focus Meetings

– Pedagogic parent cafés


Preschool teachers participate in the systematic quality work

– Educational forums

– Pedagogical development meetings

– Leads department meetings

– Staff Meetings

– Project Folders and Project diary / reflection books

– Pedagogical Documentation

– Lead and participate in quality assessment and evaluations

– Lead the department’s learning and work.


All the staff participates in the systematic quality work

– Department Meetings & pedagogical meetings

– Project folders and project diary / reflection books

– Workshops

– Pedagogical Documentation

– Term evaluation of all areas

– To participate in the quality assessment