Questions and complaints

• Questions about your child or other issues relating to your children’s department should first be resolved by respective department staff. If you are unhappy with something and have questions, take contact with a staff from your department directly. Make sure to book a meeting before you bring up the issue.

• Questions about methods, the pedagogical development in the department or the child’s development, you talk with one of the department’s preschool teacher. Also if you feel you do not get a satisfactory answer to your question from other department staff you can contact the department’s preschool teachers to get their views on the issue. Make sure to book a meeting before you bring up the issue.

• If you do not feel you received help or response from the staff, ask the principal for assistance. You will receive a response from principal as soon as possible, depending on the complexity of the matter or for another reason. Use the form situated on the infrmationboards.

• If the problem is not resolved by the principal you should contact owner Sophie Dellerman who will then review the case and do an assessment of how the matter has been dealt with..

Please note that:

– All calls and conversations are documented in writing.

– All complaints are investigated, followed up on and documented.

– We can’t deal with anonymous complaints.