We strive to make our preschool a place where children, pedagogues and guardians feel safe. No one should be subject to discrimination or other violating treatment at our preschool. We work actively with our core values to promote friendship amongst our children. We begin every year with working with our core values in all departments. The core values and equality plan is introduced and established with the children through e.g. ethical talks, role-play and literature. The children participate through ”friendship club”, mini-meetings and participation in the preschool councils. We work daily with how we act towards each other and what is and isn’t all right. We work so that every child has an opportunity to develop an understanding for everyone’s equal value. Everyone who works in a preschool is responsible for introducing and establishing the basic values that the society relies on, for example the human inviolability, all humans’ equal value and equality between genders, social and cultural backgrounds.


A new plan against discrimination, harassment and abusive treatment, also called Equal treatment plan, is made every year. The plan includes an overview of the steps needed to promote equal rights and opportunities for the children participating in or applying to the preschool regardless of gender, ethnicity, religion or other belief, disability or sexual orientation, and to prevent harassment. The plan includes a statement of which of these measures will begin to or be implemented in the coming year. Our plan against discrimination, harassment and offensive behavior is based on the Skolverkets allmänna råd (2012) and (2010:800 ), Discrimination Act (2008:567 ) and the Ordinance ( 2006:1083 ) on children and students participating in the work plans of discrimination and abusive treatment. We also follow the Swedish National curriculum Lpfö 98 /10. In our efforts to establish the plan we also use the discrimination Ombudsmans tutorial Equal rights in schools.

Gender: Girls and boys should be given the opportunity to broaden their experience and develop their abilities and interests without being inhibited by the traditional gender patterns. We strive to develop an approach that gives girls and boys equal value from a gender perspective and treat children based on their personality rather than gender. We see everyone’s differences as an asset and take advantage of these by encouraging the children to go outside the normative beliefs held about how boys and girls should be and look like. We strive to develop our educational environments with a more exploratory material instead of the usual toys, to counteract traditional gender patterns where the children choose activities and materials based on gender and offer all children the same kind of material and activities. We strive to find norm critical children’s literature and to give both girls and boys role models in fairy tales and stories.