Child Influence

Child influence

Activities are based on the children’s thoughts, ideas and interests. The children lead the way throughout the projects

and activities. The staff are co-exploders and challenge thoughts and questions. The preschool is actively working with

the children to give them responsibilities based on their own ability during the day. Children should be able to make

their own choices, to express their wishes, dare to speak and express their opinion. All children, regardless of age,

gender, and language ability, should have an equal right to participate and influence at the preschool. We are

responsive and attentive to children’s nonverbal expressions such as facial expressions, body postures and other

emotional expressions.

Preschool Council

To create a practice where children have influence and feel involved in what is happening at our preschool, we work to

create many different meetings one of them is the children’s Council; children between 2-5 years com as

representatives of their group and meet the principal. The Preschool Council is a forum for participation and an exercise

in democracy. In the Children’s Council children can influence, express their thoughts and ideas about the preschool and

take part in questions relating to “life” at the preschool.