Parent participation

Parent Cooperation

” Preschool is to provide support for parents in their child-rearing responsibilities , developing and growing. Preschool task involves , in collaboration with parents so that every child gets the opportunity to develop according to their terms.” Lpfö98/

Our priority: create a priviledged relation between parents and teachers

We follow the child in his/her own development. We want to create a link with the family life and create a community with staff, parents and children – all working together. Keeping a good communication between staff/parents is very important. In order to make our job more effective, the parents should share with us what is going on with the child at home, so we will be able to understand your child a lot better during the day. We will make sure to keep you informed of everything that happens at Trilingua.

The parents at the preschool is important in our work with the children. With your help we are able to provide the children with what is necessary for a positive development and learning for life.

Daily contact
Daily contact between parents and teachers is important and we do the best we can in giving time to tell the parents about their children’s day and an opportunity for parents to share thoughts and ideas . We want parents to feel safe and secure with having their children in our preschool. The everyday contact between staff and parents should happen with a positive view point and with mutual respect.

Participation in activities
A great way to be a part of our preeschool is to join in with their children during a morning, to get a good insight into the preschool work. We welcome parents to take part in our activities especially between the hours of 9-11/14-16. (Not during Aug – Sept as we then have introduction weeks and adaptations)
Another way to participate directly can be for parents to propose an activity to lead / do together with a group of children. Fantastic if it id something in relation to the children’s current interests/project.

When a child starts at our preschool, we have a meeting with opportunity to inform about the preschool and the curriculum. There is room for questions and here begins our important cooperation. We want a good contact between staff and parents established. We want an open and honest communication. We are open to ideas and input from the parents. Parents’ experiences and skills will be valued and we consider it very important that we have safe parents.

We document the business through pictures and children’s own work from the daily operations. Parents can share their child’s learning process by the pedagogical documentation. Parents can also easily see which interests the children and current fokuswords, this as a support for a natural red thread between pre – homes. The children’s artwork and photographs collected in a personal portfolio that we encourage parents to follow and look in with their children .

Development talks
Each year we offer parents a development talk, where the child and their best is in focus. The discussion aims to create a dialogue between preschool and home, where both views on the child is shared. The common understanding is the basis for the work with the child, then the activities will be based on each child’s abilities, experiences, interests and needs. The goal of the development talk is to promote positive child development and learning in the best way.

Parent Meetings
We have a parent meeting per term. At parent meetings the educators presents current routines, organisation and presentation of children’s projects and areas of interest. During the parent meeting we talk of parental support and our cooperation is important for a safe and positive schooling. This is also a good opportunity for parents to get to know the other parents.

Pedagogic Parent cafées
Each term all parents are invited to take part in a discussion regarding a certain subject; equality plan, sustainability, communication etc.

Examples of additional parent contact

Checklists of the children’s day (sleep, food, diaper)

– Weekly Calendar where each day’s activities are described in brief

– A coffee or tea with a vernissage

– Visits to parents’ workplaces that are relevant to the projects (by invitation)

– Website

– Parent information board; departmental and Principals information board.

– Parental shelf (information and literature)

– Hanging folders with general information by the main entrance

– Monthly newsletter from the principal and a newsletter from our teams, 2 times / month