The French/Swedish groups

The French/Swedish groups in the Savanna are made of children from 1 to 3 years old with French/Swedish language focus. In the Jungle departement the children are from 4 to 5 years old with French/Swedish language focus.

We are learning through several activities. Learning through play is essential  factor in Trilingua. We work in small groups, so every child can learn at its own pace and has no barrier to communicate (especially in French).

We work on developing our autonomy and everyone in the group have an area of responsability:
– for the assembly
– for the snack
– for the lunch
– for the cleaning

What we learn is really something close from the childs environment.

Several times per week, we have artistic activities (colouring, drawing, painting, etc…). Those activities develop the visual perception, coordination. It also makes the children able to  search for knowledge, exploration, and creativity, motricity and the space perception.

Once a week, the children have the opportunity to discover a culinary activity, and also to develop their gross motor skills, cooperation, patience and leadership-skills. The children get to try different activities with various levels of difficulty allowing every child to improve his self, gain confidence and to succeed in passing obstacles. The games are important to develop the intellectual capabilities but also the physical ones; an healthy brain lives in an healthy body!

1-2 times every day, we go to the park where they usually meet other groups from Trilingua and play together. In the afternoon, while one group is at the park, the other one stays inside to have activities or project work in smaller groups. We also have outside activities during the week such as: going in the forest, library, theater, museum and picnics.