The English/Swedish groups

We work on pre-mathematics, pre-writing (Expression of thoughts in material symbols, first stage of writing process, discovery of the oral and written languages) and English as a second language. Staffmembers either speak english or swedish with the children.

We try to create fun activities that intrest the children and inspire them to learn. We adapt our pedagogy to the age and needs of the children. In the Forest departement the children are 1-3 years old and in the Jungle departement the children are 4-5 years old. We work though a thematic approach to incorporate all areas of the national curriculum and make learning meaningful to the children.

Every week, the children take part in at least two or three artistic activities. Discovering is essential and it is therefore important to introduce art. Every child is able to define his/her taste and talents (painting, play dough, collage, clay…).

Every week the children get an opportunity to participate in gymnastics activities either outside (football and other sports) or inside (miniröris, dance etc) . We believe it is important for the child to develop his/her intellectual abilities but at the same time his/her physical abilities (body, heart, mind)

We go to the park 1-2 times every day. Outdoor play encourages the children´s gross motor development, observation and social skills.