Environment & Safety

Work with the environment

According to the Swedish Work Environment Authority’s recommendations: We keep documentation of temperatures in the premises, fridge / freezer and of the water. –

We carry out regular noise tests to measure the noise level at different times and situations to create a comfortable and pleasant working environment for both children and staff. We have sound-absorbing ceiling tiles in most parts of the halls.

-We carry out fire safety training annually with instructors from Anticimex. We carry out fire drills twice a year and all departments have been given clear written procedures to follow in case of fire.

We conduct two children’s safety rounds and work environment checks every year, carried out by the head/owner, principal, a safety officer and child safety officer. Safety officer work with the owner/head and principal to create a good work environment and have work talks with the staff, without the management.

Hygiene and allergy inspections are conducted annually.


The staff always brings the first aid bag, relevant contact information and a telephone to short or long excursions such as the park, outings or field trips. Each department has carried out a risk assessment and event/incident plan for the excursions that every adult participant knows of. During excursions the departments fills in a detailed trip plan. First-aid training of all the staff is brought up to date every year with help from instructors from Anticimex.

We have a crisis team that consisting of representatives from the preschool management and educators from the departments that are activated in the event of crisis. In addition to our Emergency Plan, we have action plans for; the disappearance of children, for children and staff in case of accidents, in case of fire at the preschool with an evacuation plan, in case of violence and threats, conflict management, and abuse, sexual abuse or crisis of a different sort.