About us

Mission statement and vision – Trilingua philosophie

Our mission statement is characterized by offering children a safe and stimulating language-filled environment, where we through educational activities and everyday situations communicate in Swedish, French and English. We have multicultural educator’s and children’s groups and we want to give children the opportunity to in a safe environment discover experience and share the benefits of what various cultures have to offer. We aim for all children to develop their ability to take responsibility for and participate in a socially functional ever day life in harmony with others where empathy, compassion and respect is in focus. Trilingua strives to make sure that every single child develops a good self-esteem, self-confidence and respect for themselves and their fellow human beings and creates an interest and curiosity for continued learning and development.

Trilingua is inspired by Maria Montessori and Reggio Emilias philosophical pedagogy. We work to stimulate children’s interests, imagination and curiosity in a meaningful whole and therefore collaborate across departments. We have a diverse environment with studios for creativity, rooms for gross motor skills, nature and technology, experiments, space for baking, fantasy rooms and free play. We work with pre-schools around the world and with different universities in Europe, all with the goal of developing our nursery to continue to be the best possible pre-school!