A brief history of Trilingua

After moving from France to Sweden as an expatriate mother of two, Sophie Dellerman was personally confronted with a lack of choice when searching for early childhood French-speaking establishments in Stockholm.

Since then, she has pursued privately and professionally the development of early childhood multilingual education.

As a mother of bilingual children (French-Swedish), Sophie personally uses the pedagogic method of Reggio-Emilia combining it with her French cultural values and Swedish ways of thinking. She introduced her children to English as a third language from the earliest age, with excellent results.
For 10 years, Sophie has been sharing her experiences, observations and reflexions with other multilingual parents, educators and pedagogues.

She found out that multilingual, multicultural families, with their particular educational wants and needs had become more of a rule than an exception in modern society. Even families from homogeneous Swedish environments are discovering the value of multicultural and multilingual education for their children.

Inspired by Reggio-Emilia’s approach (recognized globally by pedagogues and early childhood researchers as an excellent educational method), passionate and enthusiastic about continuing to build, develop and share her multilingual educational project, she decided to create a unique trilingual pre-school in Stockholm.

The venture is financed by the City of Stockholm.